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Outdoor living is a constantly evolving philosophy of life. Trends, as well as styles change, but for Unopiù what remains constant is the attention to details in all its collections.

Furnishing a garden, a terrace or a balcony in a city center is source of infinite inspirations and it may be helpful to have a guide that directs us toward the best choices for your different needs.

It is in this context that JOIN OUTSIDE was born, the new Unopiù magazine that every month offers new articles covering a wide range of topics, from the evolution of the brand over the years to the subjects that UnoPiù has the utmost interest at the heart of their organization. Stories and curiosities about the world of outdoor living, the main trends of the outdoor design world at the moment, images to draw inspiration from for your own outdoor furniture. All themes that are dear to UnoPiù, which represents the leitmotif.

A new and unique magazine of its style

JOIN OUTSIDE is divided into a four categories, each characterized by articles on different topics “told” with the right tone of voice to provide readers an enjoyable and consistent reading experience.

The products section recounts the highlights of UnoPiù’s collections, accompanying the reader on a walk through the catalog to discover their pearls of style and design.

In the sustainability category you will find all the stories related to UnoPiù’s historical attention to the environment and ecology in general. For example, it will be possible to find out more about the project carried out on the occasion of World Environment Day, in which Unopiù, in collaboration with Treedom, contributed to planting one hundred cocoa trees in Cameroon. It will be only one of the many initiatives in which Unopiù is committed to giving the planet a greener future.

Around the World is the chapter dedicated to the great designer houses around the world, to admire their designs and how their styles are articulated in different ways and in various regions covering the world.

Finally, the Inspiration section provides design suggestions and ideas to furnishing your outdoor spaces with unique and exceptional class.

A moment of relaxation and how to find inspiration

JOIN OUTSIDE wants to convey its contents in a pleasant way to give the reader a moment of relaxation in which to discover many of the new ways to achieve the greatest and most exceptional ideas when it comes to style and design.

Reading through the magazine while relaxing on one of Unopiù’s garden armchairs, under a wooden or iron pergola from one of the exclusive collections, this will become a wonderful experience that blends perfectly with the atmosphere that UnoPiù has always been able to create.





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