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Garden chairs


The sun sets and makes the swimming pool water glitter in gold, every blade of grass shine emerald and gently caresses the smiles of friends gathered around the table for dinner under the summer sky. The right outdoor chairs complete the picture with ideal comfort to make these moments unforgettable.

The style of Unopiù garden and terrace chair lines is unique and comes in many different modes, consider making your outdoor furnishings special. From modern city terrace contexts to vintage ones of a country garden, from the sombre classic style to the exuberance of a young creative area, relaxation and elegance are the key words...

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  1. Ariete
    Ariete chair colour bronze
    Starting at  505,00 £
  2. Tline
    Tline stackable chair in aluminium
    Starting at £630.00
  3. Les Arcs
    Les Arcs chair structure in aluminium
    Starting at £630.00
  4. Aurora
    Aurora folding chair
    Starting at  420,00 £
  5. Toscana
    Toscana small folding armchair
    Starting at  445,00 £
  6. Aurora
    Aurora chair
    Starting at  505,00 £
  7. Conrad
    Conrad stackable chair
    Starting at £235.00
  8. Conrad
    Conrad folding chair
    Starting at £235.00
  9. Chelsea
    William folding chair
    Starting at  465,00 £
  10. Synthesis
    Synthesis chair in teak and WaProLace
    Starting at  720,00 £
  11. Chelsea
    Chelsea stackable chair in teak
    Starting at  545,00 £
  12. Luce
    Luce stackable chair
    Starting at  655,00 £

12 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction