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Chairs Small Armchairs and Bar Stools

With a sunset of bright tones as backdrop and a gentle summer breeze refreshing the day, the lure for the outdoors is overwhelming. Unopiù outdoor chairs and small armchairs are the perfect embrace to relax al fresco and spend time in the company of friends and family. The many lines of outdoor chairs and small armchairs available are comfortable, elegant and sturdy: ideal to furnish all green areas, whether in a private context or within a reception centre. And for ultimate comfort all the collections can be completed with acrylic cushions of varying shades.

Unopiù lines offer the option of matching chairs, small armchairs...

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  1. Aurora
    Aurora chair
    Starting at  350 £
  2. Capri
    Capri small armchair structure in WaProLace
    Starting at £400
  3. Conrad
    Conrad stackable chair
    Starting at £175
  4. Conrad
    Conrad stackable small armchair
    Starting at £200
  5. Conrad
    Conrad folding chair
    Starting at £175
  6. Conrad
    Conrad tall stool
    Starting at £160
  7. Conrad
    Conrad stackable stool
    Starting at £200
  8. Conrad
    Conrad low stackable stool
    Starting at £110
  9. Eden
    Eden stackable Armchair in WaProLace
    Special Price £287 Regular Price £410
  10. Eden
    Eden low back armchair in WaProLace
    Starting at  605 £  865 £
  11. Emy
    Emy leather sling for armchair
    Starting at £1,250
  12. Les Arcs
    Les Arcs chair structure in aluminium
    Starting at £470
  13. Luce
    Luce stackable chair
    Starting at  490 £
  14. Luce
    Luce small armchair
    Starting at  560 £
  15. Luce
    Luce Stool
    Starting at  735 £
  16. Ocean
    Ocean small armchair structure aluminium
    Starting at £340
  17. Quadra
    Quadra stackable chair in teak
    Starting at  297 £  425 £
  18. Sunstripe
    Sunstripe stackable chair in WaProLace
    Special Price £199 Regular Price £285

Items 1-36 of 45

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