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Garden armchairs


When the topic is Italian outdoor designing, expect to hear Unopiù’s name come up among those that provide some of the best quality products. Having been recognized around the world as one of the top manufacturers of luxurious outdoor furniture products, Unopiù is proud to offer items that will beautifully enhance any outdoor setting. Various furniture in chic designs and top quality materials such as garden armchairs that are weather resistant are just a few of the offerings by Unopiù.

Outdoor armchairs designed by Unopiù are perfect to accompany other furniture in areas such as the pool, garden, patio or even the...

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  1. Coco
    Coco lounge armchair in steel and rope
    Starting at £500.00
  2. Quadra
    Quadra Armchair in teak
    Starting at  682,44 £  1.137,40 £
  3. Tline
    Tline stackable armchair in aluminium
    Starting at £760.00
  4. Ariete
    Ariete iron Armchair in bronze
    Starting at  1.590,00 £
  5. Pevero
    Pevero armchair in teak
    Starting at  1.865,00 £
  6. Synthesis
    Synthesis armchair in teak and Waprolace with adjustable backrest
    Starting at  1.620,00 £
  7. Chelsea
    Chelsea armchair in teak
    Starting at  1.460,00 £
  8. Chelsea
    Armchair Chelsea in teak
    Starting at  815,00 £
  9. Welcome
    Welcome armchair in teak
    Starting at  3.265,00 £
  10. Welcome
    Welcome Armchair in teak and cord
    Starting at  3.450,00 £
  11. Agorà
    Agorà armchair structure in WaProLace
    Starting at £1,610.00
  12. Olimpia in WaProLace
    Olimpia Armchair in WaProLace
    Starting at  1.275,00 £
  13. Experience
    Experience armchair in WaProLace
  14. Luce
    Luce armchair aluminium graphite
    Starting at  1.200,00 £
  15. Luce
    Luce armchair in aluminium white ivory
    Starting at  1.200,00 £
  16. Aurora
    Aurora armchair
    Starting at  532,00 £
  17. Toscana
    Toscana iron Armchair in graphite
    Starting at  1.190,00 £
  18. Aurora
    Aurora large armchair
    Starting at  1.710,00 £

18 Items

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