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Geometric shade

For years Manta, in plastic fabric for outdoors, has been the most practical and attractive solution for the creation of relaxing shady areas in the most diverse environments. Three models are available in hexagonal and rhomboidal shapes that are wind resistant to 50 km/hr. The posts are in treated nordic pine while the shades are in plastic fabric for outdoor use (39% polyester coated with 61% PVC) in white (hexagonal sail) or in 100% white acrylic fabric (rhomboidal sail).

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  1. Manta
    Manta rhomboidal sail 400 x 400
    Special Price £615.00 Regular Price £820.00
  2. Manta
    Manta rhomboidal sail 500 x 500
    Special Price £746.25 Regular Price £995.00
  3. Manta
    Manta rhomboidal sail 565 x 565
    Special Price £978.75 Regular Price £1,305.00
  4. Manta
    Manta hexagonal sail 1315 X 1264
    Special Price £2,673.75 Regular Price £3,565.00

4 Items

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