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Garden Accessories

Unopiù also presents a rich collection of garden accessories, indispensable complements to finish and enhance the outdoor furnishing in order to complete the wide variety of garden furniture and outdoor structures, essential elements for decorating a garden or a terrace, a swimming pool or a balcony.
Umbrellas and sails for the creation of shady areas, hammocks to create additional relaxation corners in addition to functional and original lighting systems plus elegant and versatile furnishing textiles like outdoor rugs and cushions.

A vast choice of garden accessories that allows you to complete, personalize and enhance the...

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  1. Lipari
    Lipari round umbrella 400 cm
    Starting at £1,060.00
  2. Lipari
    Lipari round umbrella 350 cm
    Starting at £935.00
  3. Lipari
    Lipari rectangular umbrella 300 x 400 cm
    Starting at £1,040.00
  4. Lipari
    Lipari rectangular umbrella 250 x 350 cm
    Starting at £920.00
  5. Lipari
    Lipari square umbrella 300 x 300 cm
    Starting at £935.00
  6. Lipari
    Lipari square garden umbrella 400 x 400 cm
    Starting at £1,200.00
  7. Lipari
    Lipari round umbrella aluminium post Ø 350 cm
    Special Price £831.00 Regular Price £1,385.00
  8. Lipari
    Lipari round umbrella Ø 280 cm
    Starting at £315.00
  9. Lipari
    Base plate in stainless steel for Lipari umbrellas
    Special Price £255.00 Regular Price £425.00
  10. Lipari
    Base plate for Lipari umbrellas
    Starting at £320.00
  11. Salento
    Salento motorized umbrella 300 x 250 cm
    Starting at £3,455.00
  12. Salento
    Salento manual umbrella 300 x 250
    Starting at £3,065.00
  13. Salento
    Salento square umbrella aluminium shaft
    Starting at £2,035.00
  14. Chelsea
    Chelsea chest in teak with hardware and handles in brass
    Special Price £960.00 Regular Price £1,600.00
  15. Hotty
    Hotty heat lamp in aluminium
    Starting at £505.00
  16. Hotty
    Hotty standing lamp in aluminium
    Starting at £400.00

Items 1-36 of 97

per page
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