Oslo Led lantern 25 x 96 cm

by StudioMartino5

Led lantern (25 x 25 H 96 cm - full height)

Dimensions 25 x 25 H 96 cm - full height

The modernness of the Oslo lamps, wired with a Schuko plug, is also given by the choice to integrate LED bulbs of energy class from A++ to A, a cutting-edge solution in terms of energy saving; the technical characteristics of the LED available are as follows: 12W - 4000k - 1200lm.

The LED garden lantern from the Oslo collection is the perfect accessory to illuminate and decorate your outdoor space. With a base measuring 25 cm x 25 cm and a height of 96 cm, this lantern combines elegance and functionality, creating a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere in your outdoor environments. The LED lamps ensure efficient and low-energy lighting, ideal for reducing environmental impact and electricity costs. The Oslo garden lamps are not just a source of light, but also a design element that enhances your outdoor space. Thanks to LED technology, they offer bright and long-lasting lighting, perfect for creating unique and cozy atmospheres. The outdoor lights from the Oslo collection are the ideal choice for those who wish to combine aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency.

Place the lanterns along paths for a safe and illuminated guide or to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere during outdoor evenings. The garden lamps from the Oslo collection represent the perfect solution for those seeking quality, design, and sustainability."

This translation attempts to convey the content in a way that an Old English speaker might have understood, using terminology and concepts available at the time, albeit with some anachronisms necessary to describe modern objects and technology.

Designer StudioMartino5
Fast Delivery Yes
Summer No
Collection Oslo
Finishes Metal
Sale % 50%

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