Pot in glazed stoneware Ø 30

Pot in glazed stoneware
(Ø 30 H 25 kg. 7)

Dimensions Ø 30 H 25 kg. 7

Unopiù stoneware pots are hand modelled using a mixture of different clays, following an ancient recipe kept secret for generations. These prepared items, treated with atoxic products, are then enamelled in different colours. Thanks to the baking process, which lasts over a week at temperatures over 1200⁰C, the pots resist icy temperatures. The cement planter in two different sizes is useful as a divider.

The material is a mix of cement, water, sand and crushed stone, reinforced with natural fibre, and is thus ecological. The planters are suited to both indoor and outdoor use.

Pot in glazed stoneware (Ø 30 H 25 kg. 7).

Designer Unopiù
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Summer No
Collection Pots
Finishes Stoneware
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