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Gazebo and pavilion


Like large flowers that bloom in a verdant park, gazebos make every green lawn magic. Unopiù garden gazebos are graced by the wrought iron of the structure and the unfailing refinement of form and materials, but are available in various styles and sizes to satisfy your every need.

Relaxing in the shade of these iron verandahs is like immersing oneself in an old world dream and even a small city garden is transformed into the park of a fairytale castle.

Unopiù garden pavilions are available in various shapes, round, octagonal and square and all come with a PVC waterproof cover, suited to withstand as much the sun’s rays as...

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  1. Tibisco
    Tibisco pavilion 404 x 404 complete with 4 posts
  2. Tibisco
    Waterproof cover for Tibisco Pavilion
  3. Solaire
    Solaire round pavilion
  4. Solaire
    Waterproof cover for Solaire round pavilion
  5. Solaire
    Solaire octagonal pavilion
  6. Solaire
    Waterproof cover for Solaire octagonal pavilion
  7. Tibisco
    Tibisco set of 2 spandrels
  8. Do it yourself
    Decorative base for post

8 Items

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