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The company was founded


The first catalog, featuring the brand's iconic wooden furnishings, is printed


Collection Amanda


Collection Ginger


Collection Toscana


Brand globalization begins: the first showroom opens in Paris, the first stores open in Germany (Frankfurt) and Spain (Barcelona)


Collection Chelsea


New collections are born thanks to the WaProLace® Patent, with which the Agora and Synthesis lines are made


Collection Synthesis


Collection Welcome


Collection Swing


Unopiù presents Coco collection reaffirming its leadership in outdoor design


Unopiù, leading company in the production and distribution of outdoor design furniture and accessories, was founded inthe heart of Tuscia over forty years ago. The philosophy behind the name 'Unopiù' stems from the desire to create 'ONEMORE ROOM', that extra space dedicated to the outdoors. The company’s mission is to furnish any outdoor space in the house with the same care and passion usually reserved for
interiors, envisioning and recreating spaces in a functional and elegant way so as to experience inspirational moments of relaxation in a perfect Italian style.
The company provides a “total look” for any type of environment, from terraces and large gardens to the outdoor environments in resorts, hotels and on yachts. All the creations by Unopiù have been made to last over time, thanks to the selection of unrivalled materials, which are weather-resistant, even in the most extreme conditions.




In 1978, Unopiù was the first brand to design furniture entirely dedicated to the outdoors, and since then it has been an international reference, thanks to its unique heritage In 1978, Unopiù was the first brand to design furniture entirely dedicated to the outdoors, and since then it has been an international reference, thanks to its unique heritage.
Unopiù was created from the desire to imagine the outside as an additional space to be furnished with versatile, elegant and functional solutions, made to last over time, adapting harmoniously to the environment.
The best terraces and outdoor spaces of renowned hotels and Resorts - including the Bulgari Hotel, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, the Greenwich Hotel in New York, and the Four Seasons Resort in Hawaii - have been decorated by Unopiù. Unopiù has an extensive global presence, with 10 flagship stores, in the Brera district in Milan and in the Boulevard Saint-Germain, in Paris.


Today the fusion between outdoor and indoor style is more and more evident, although the outdoor product must seek and use materials with unique characteristics for outdoor durability.


The use and processing of natural resources impose great responsibility towards the natural environment, its protection, and preservation. An ethical commitment and a promise reflected by the philosophy, aspirations, and every project signed by Unopiù. The selection of materials in the design phase and the production choices of the company contribute to the longevity of each piece of furniture, making it sustainable. For Unopiù, the concept of sustainability is inherent in the product itself.



Stores and Dealers

Unopiù owns numerous stores and has franchisers in Italy and worldwide. The flagship stores in Milan, Paris, Cannes, Madrid, and Munich lead the way in the outdoor furnishing sector.

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Outdoor living is a constantly evolving philosophy of life. Trends, as well as styles change, but for Unopiù what remains constant is the attention to details in all its collections. Furnishing a garden, a terrace or a balcony in a city center is source of infinite inspirations and it may be helpful to have a guide that directs us toward the best choices for your different needs.

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