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Installing the right garden lights make a huge difference in how a home’s outdoor area looks. It makes walking outdoors a safe and pleasurable activity. Aside from this, outdoor light provides a slice of chic style to your home, becoming a beautiful appendix to the house. Here at Unopiù, brightening up the home’s outdoor becomes an artistic affair while providing additional safety and security.

Outdoor lights come in various forms such as garden lanterns and lamps with various suitable fittings for every style of home. 

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  1. Aton
    Aton lamp h 76 in aluminium
    Starting at €1,010
  2. Aton
    Lamp Aton H 32 wired with schuko plug
    Starting at €750
  3. Aton
    Aton lamp h 150 in aluminium
    Starting at €1,810
  4. Oslo
    Oslo Led lantern 25 x 96 cm
    Starting at €790
  5. Oslo
    Oslo Led lantern 25 x 71 cm
    Starting at €720
  6. Oslo
    Oslo Led lantern with battery charger 25 x 71 cm
    Starting at €970

6 Items

per page