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Garden Umbrellas Sails and Awnings

Soaking up the sun is one of the most gratifying things to do after the cold months. It becomes pure pleasure to just stretch out on the deck or by the pool to relax and have fun. But when it gets too hot, the usual thing to do is to go back inside. There is no need to retreat from your outdoor haven when there is a parasol to provide suitable protection. To avoid the problem of getting scorched, garden parasols should be added to the basic garden furniture necessities. Unopiù is proud to offer one of the most stylish garden umbrellas available in the market. Beautifully designed, it is highly functional against the sun and...

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  1. Salento
    Salento manual umbrella 300 x 250 cm
    Starting at €3,720.00
  2. Salento
    Salento motorized umbrella 300 x 250 cm
    Starting at €4,190.00
  3. Salento
    Salento square umbrella aluminium shaft
    Starting at €2,465.00
  4. Lipari
    Lipari square umbrella 300 x 300 cm
    Starting at €1,130.00
  5. Lipari
    Lipari square garden umbrella 400 x 400 cm
    Starting at €1,455.00
  6. Lipari
    Lipari round umbrella 400 cm
    Starting at €1,285.00
  7. Lipari
    Lipari round umbrella 350 cm
    Starting at €1,130.00
  8. Lipari
    Lipari rectangular umbrella 300 x 400 cm
    Starting at €1,260.00
  9. Lipari
    Lipari rectangular umbrella 250 x 350 cm
    Starting at €1,115.00
  10. Lipari
    Lipari round umbrella aluminium post Ø 350 cm
    Special Price €1,008.00 Regular Price €1,680.00
  11. Lipari
    Lipari round umbrella Ø 280 cm
    Starting at €380.00
  12. Lipari
    Base plate for Lipari umbrellas
    Starting at €390.00
  13. Lipari
    Base plate in stainless steel for Lipari umbrellas
    Special Price €306.00 Regular Price €510.00

26 Items

per page