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Designed by Adam D. Tihany, Ariete enhances the primary geometry of the circle as a unique feature through which to reinterpret wrought iron work in a contemporary style. The generously sized collection is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen and includes sofas, armchairs, tables and seating that are ideal for decorating environments with timeless elegance.

The generous sizes are reflected by the upholstered items that complete the sofas, available in the various nuances of the Unopiù Colour Collection.The typical curl pattern is enlarged and closed within a circular decoration, giving it not only a decorative, but also a...

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  1. Ariete
    Ariete iron Armchair in bronze
    Starting at  1.270,50 €  1.815,00 €
  2. Ariete
    Ariete iron sofa colour bronze
    Starting at  1.900,50 €  2.715,00 €
  3. Ariete
    Ariete small armchair colour bronze
    Starting at  567,00 €  810,00 €
  4. Ariete
    Ariete bench colour bronze
    Starting at  903,00 €  1.290,00 €
  5. Ariete
    Ariete chair colour bronze
    Starting at  388,50 €  555,00 €
  6. Ariete
    Ariete round table Ø 110 cm colour bronze
    Out of stock
  7. Ariete
    Ariete coffee table colour bronze
    Out of stock

7 Items

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