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Multipurpose solutions in wood


The Nagi system goes beyond the world of Pergolas and structures: a unique design idea with a modern circular profile, handcrafted and assembled with perfect invisible joints creating a world of new configurations. Anything is possible with the Nagi system: from attached to freestanding pergolas, to covercars, to made to measure pergolas. It is also possible to personalize your pergola choosing from various types of roofing, including the more sophisticated version with solar lighting, as well as various accessories and grilles of different dimensions with elegant striped patterns, either...

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  1. Nagi
    Nagi Attached Pergola
    Starting at €1,379.40
  2. Nagi
    Nagi Attached Pergola extension
    Starting at €695.75
  3. Nagi
    Nagi Freestanding Pergola
    Starting at €1,615.35
  4. Nagi
    Nagi double extension
    Starting at €1,173.70
  5. Nagi
    Nagi simple extension
    Starting at €847.00
  6. Nagi
    Bamboo shades
    Starting at €1,349.15
  7. Nagi
    Nuage Shade
    Starting at €1,076.90
  8. Nagi
    Roll shade
    Starting at €1,488.30
  9. Nagi
    Nagi wood Slat roofing
    Starting at €598.95
  10. Nagi
    Nagi wood Slat roofing with LED
    Starting at €1,264.45
  11. Nagi
    Nagi diamond pattern
    Starting at €175.45
  12. Nagi
    Nagi square pattern
    Starting at €175.45
  13. Nagi
    Nagi rectangular plantes
    Starting at €242.00
  14. Nagi
    Adjustable bracket for fixing to ground

14 Items

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