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Maintenance Kit for Outdoor Wood


All Unopiù teak furniture is made for life outdoors without the need for any particular maintenance. The wood surface is rich in oily resin which oxidizes when it comes into contact with the air, protecting the inner wood and giving the furniture a beautiful grey-silver hue. Should you wish to go back to the original orange colour, suffice to wash and dry the piece and rub it with a cloth soaked in a few drops of teak oil.

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  1. Unopiù Color and Care
    Tin of teak oil 0.5 litres
    Special Price €25.41 Regular Price €36.30
  2. Unopiù Color and Care
    Unopiù Color, 2.5 litres tin
    Starting at €53.36 Regular Price €76.23
  3. Unopiù Color and Care
    Waprolace and synthetic fibre cleaning kit
    Special Price €80.47 Regular Price €114.95
  4. Unopiù Color and Care
    Teak maintenance
    Special Price €88.94 Regular Price €127.05

4 Items

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