The use and processing of natural resources impose great responsibility towards the natural environment, its protection, and preservation.

The use and processing of natural resources requires great responsibility for the natural environment, its protection and preservation. This ethical commitment and promise are reflected in the philosophy, aspirations and in every project by Unopiù. The continuous search for excellence and innovation, which is supported from the outset by the desire to keep the quality standards high while maintaining a responsible attitude towards raw materials and the environment, has led Unopiù to focus on creating designer furniture elements that are sustainable and attractive, without losing their appeal and value over time. The selection of materials during the design phase and the company's production choices contribute to the longevity of each piece of furniture, thus making it sustainable, a concept which for Unopiù is inherent in the product itself.

Many Unopiù products are made of teak wood, which is sourced exclusively from government-regulated Indonesian plantations with the utmost legality and eco-sustainability, in accordance with strict reforestation processes. Another material favoured by Unopiù is aluminium, which, besides being very lightweight, versatile and easy to work with, can be infinitely recycled. Some of the fabrics selected by Unopiù are also recycled acrylics and have GREENGUARD Gold certification. For Unopiù, quality, sustainability and functionality therefore translate into products with elegant and harmonious shapes, furniture that will last over time, all with the utmost respect for the environment that hosts them. Designer furniture made to last a lifetime if properly maintained, as it is exposed outdoors to all weather conditions. Maintaining Unopiù furniture is essential to guarantee product performance for harmonious aesthetics and timeless use, avoiding waste and consumption through responsible choices that are kind to nature and the future of the community.  
The company is also completing the FSC certification process that ensures proper forest management and traceability of derived products.

Excellence, sustainability and performance over time

In order to create outdoor furniture that will last outside for an infinite amount of time, it is constantly necessary to research, choose and use raw materials with unique characteristics. Unopiù materials are always selected with strict criteria to ensure unrivalled resistance to all weather conditions, even when most extreme, making the furniture ideal for any outdoor or indoor space. To meet and satisfy all requirements, Unopiù uses fine materials such as high-quality woods including teak, mahogany, iroko and pine, metals (iron, steel and aluminium), fibres and synthetic rope, leather, and fabrics.


Today the fusion between outdoor and indoor style is more and more evident, although the outdoor product must seek and use materials with unique characteristics for outdoor durability.

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