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Unopiù, industry leader in the production and distribution of design outdoor furniture and accessories, was founded in the heart of Tuscia over forty years ago. The company mission is to furnish every outdoor area of the home with the same care and passion as is dedicated to the indoors, conceiving and creating elegant functional spaces where relaxing inspirational moments may be enjoyed in true Italian style.

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Today the fusion between outdoor and indoor style is more and more evident, although the outdoor product must seek and use materials with unique characteristics for outdoor durability. Unopiù materials are always chosen for their incomparable quality of resistance to all weather conditions, even the most extreme.


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Teak has always been the preferred material for the creation of outdoor furniture, thanks to its excellent robustness and resistance to weather conditions. We use the best “A Grade” quality teak, fully respecting eco-sustainability procedures. Moreover, the top quality materials used, make Unopiù products a sustainable choice for longlasting furniture. Teak is probably the most eco-friendly material used in the outdoor furniture industry: it is not only recyclable but also truly renewable. Suffice to plant a seed and nature will see to the rest. Besides, while a teak tree grows it also converts the planet’s carbon dioxide into precious oxygen. Unopiù purchases all its teak furniture in Indonesia, the nation that has the biggest and oldest certified teak plantation in the world. These plantations are the property of the Indonesian government and are the nation’s main source of employment. Teak is cultivated just like any other crop: harvesting and replanting are carried out in unison to guarantee that the plantations, initially established in the late 1800s, remain a source of renewable revenue for future generations.
For the company the protection of nature and the environment not only begins with the use of teak from certified plantations, but also with the creation of a reafforestation project in collaboration with Treedom. A clear vision for a definite plan that has seen 250 cocoa trees planted in Cameroon in 2020. In the future Unopiù will continue to protect the environment making concrete efforts with new reafforestation projects around the world: a small but solid contribution to lower CO2 emissions while encouraging and supporting local economies.

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Our ambition is to create truly unique personal and exceptional environments where the most precious moments of life can be savoured whether alone or in company. From the very beginning Unopiù has sought to continually update the world of outdoor furnishing, uniting style, innovation, research and passion. For this reason every product launched on the market is the fruit of a concept whose roots are consolidated in decades of history. The choice of innovative materials and manufacture for the outdoor market, like for example in the C’est La vie or Solaire lines, bears witness to the determination to pursue continual innovation in conjunction with constant technological progress.

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Unopiù owns numerous stores and has franchisers in Italy and worldwide. The flagship stores in Milan, Paris, Cannes, Madrid, and Munich lead the way in the outdoor furnishing sector They are important points of reference, guiding taste and setting trends. At Unopiù stores one can clearly feel the quality of the wide range of products and take advantage of the personal assistance of dedicated staff, who are always ready to give advice and satisfy customer needs. The stores owned by Unopiù are supported by a constantly expanding network of selected agents and representatives covering 5 continents. Our collaboration with partners in the most important international locations makes Unopiù an ever more widespread and acknowledged global brand, a prestigious signature in the luxury sector of Made in Italy.