Emy sling in cotton

by Unopiù

Sling in 100% cotton Cotone colour (only sling)



During the "SUMMER MANIA," the Covered in cotton is offered at a special price.


The replacement cover for the Chelsea chairs, inspired by the renowned Tripolina, represents the ideal solution for renewing your garden chair. The outdoor Chelsea chair stands out for its classic design, derived from the historic Tripolina used by English troops in the 19th century. This timeless style has influenced countless designers worldwide, who continue to reinterpret it in modern and functional versions. Made with high-quality materials, the replacement cover is designed to withstand the elements, ensuring long-lasting durability and maintaining the refined aesthetic of your garden chair.

Easy to install, the replacement cover for the Chelsea garden chair is available in white cotton to perfectly match your outdoor space. With its superior comfort and robust materials, this outdoor chair not only adds a touch of elegance to your garden but also ensures a comfortable seat for relaxing moments outdoors. Your Chelsea garden chair will look as good as new with this practical and durable replacement cover, allowing you to enjoy your green space in style and comfort."

Note: The translation has been rendered into modern English for practical understanding, as actual Anglo-Saxon English (Old English) would not be comprehensible to most readers today. If you need an authentic Old English translation, please let me know!

Designer Unopiù
Fast Delivery Yes
Summer Yes
Collection Emy
Finishes Teak
Fabric Cotton of white
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