C'est la vie square table

by Michele Bönan

Square table  (130 x 130 H 63)

Dimensions 130 x 130 H 63

C’est la vie is a new collection UNOPIU' inspired by joi di vivre, presenting refined classic and sophisticated style furnishings using a material of excellence like polished mahogany reminiscent of elegant English furniture,
but also the special finish in ships of old and life on the open seas.
Created for nautical, pool and luxury spa environments or elegant homes, this line has strong character and attention to every detail, with shiny stainless steel feet that finish and decorate each piece.
This collection has a timeless elegant refined style with ample extremely comfortable seats, forever guaranteeing maximum comfort.

DESIGN Michele Bönan

C'est la vie square table (130 x 130 H 63).

Designer Michele Bönan
Collection Cest la vie
Colour Brown
Finishes Polished mahogany
Fabric Acrylic Nuvola
Days availability 90
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