Outdoor Carpets 300 x 300

Outdoor Carpets (W 300 L 300)

Dimensions W 300 L 300

Our collection of ecological 100% recycled PET carpets woven on hand looms is inspired from the very oldest Indian wool and silk carpet making traditions. The continuous polyester thread is produced by recycling ordinary PET bottles, collected and sent for recycling in order to create a handmade, innovative, sustainable product.

Recycled PET

PET bottles are collected after use, separated by colour, washed and industrially ground. They are reduced to flakes that are melted and transformed into polymer which is then extruded to produce thread. The use of 100% recycled PET thread is a way of reducing pollution and improving the environment.

Outdoor Carpets W 300 L 300.

Designer Unopiù
Fast Delivery Yes
Summer No
Collection Carpets
Finishes Polyester
Sale % 40%
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