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Styles, trends and must-have elements when designing an outdoor space

Styles, trends and must-have elements when designing an outdoor space

This Summer brings with it a wave of newness. The air becomes crisp and, together with this beautiful season, comes the desire to spend as much time as possible outdoors. How to best enjoy the ecstasy of this rebirth? Designing a terrace is one of the most enjoyable solutions for building a personal oasis of relaxation outside the doors of your home. Cozy places where you allow yourself a break or spend some time with friends and family, a place to enjoy a pleasant breakfast in the early morning sun or simply spend a few hours immersed in reading.


How can we furnish the terrace in order to obtain a relaxing space in the privacy of our home? Many think that creating an outdoor space outside their home is a simple task. In reality, designing your own garden requires special care and the evaluation of several features. Below you will find the main rules and a series of tips on how to design a perfect terrace!


1 — Style: always seek harmony and continuity regarding the interior

The terrace is definitely an extension of our home and, consequently, you can focus on furniture in continuity with the interior. Color palettes and materials in common will help you maintain a sense of harmony and uniformity between inside and outside, contributing to your inner well-being.

Some, instead, suggest opting for a décor that moves away from the interior to create a sort of independent refuge that makes this area of your home a real break from the everyday way of life

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2 — Your needs

When furnishing a terrace, size is the first aspect to evaluate as your choices will inevitably adapt to larger spaces or smaller balconies . “What do I need?” The answers could be several. Define the use you want to make of it. It is actually an extra room, whether you want to use it as a sitting room or as a patio for small receptions, lunches and dinners.

Depending on this variable, you will move to define the furnishings, the physical characteristics of the landscape, the plants, the lighting and small changes for the livability of your space.

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3 — Inspired by new trends

Relaxing and serenity. A perfect combination for the soul and spirit, the ideal aesthetic synthesis of the latest 2021 summer trends dedicated to outdoor furniture. A “simplicity of form”, conceptual and stylistic, which will be able to occupy your home and the terraces, covering them with the typical colors of summer. Play with colors which, on the neutral base of the wood, are emphasized in their refined and never predictable simplicity. The pastel shades of yellow and coral are expressed in all the warmer tones matching delicate patterns in the different shades of blue. The green of nature is the ideal background and plants become an integral and fundamental part of the décor. If you prefer darker tones such as black or dark brown, there is no problem as even these two colors are part of the great classics of outdoor furniture and will always be synonymous with elegance and sophistication. Choose pots, garden umbrellas or curtains in bright colors to provide your space character and a bright, colorful accent. This way, the exterior of your home will look sunnier and more vibrant at a glance. Use Pinterest as your preferred media service to create your mood board and let your imagination run wild.

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4 — The right materials

Will your project be structural or less invasive? If you are going to be changing your terrace cladding, it is always a great idea to choose materials that will resist weathering over time and be easy to maintain. If you are a vacation spirit, you will prefer wood paneling, perhaps without too much demanding commitments. Even for 2021 nature and sustainability are trends to follow. Hence, the starting point when choosing your outdoor furniture should be 100% natural. In addition to timeless classics such as teak, think of other types of materials, always natural, such as mahogany, Nordic pine, aluminum, iron, etc.

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5 — Look for harmony in spaces

An orderly, clean and well-organized environment improves your mood and reduces stress by promoting proper rest and is synonymous with living in comfort. It is achieved by finding the right balance amongst the components present in your terrace. 

Respect the proportions between vegetation and furnishings, neither element should overpower the other. Therefore, eliminate showy plants or large bulky structures with respect to the square footage of the area you desire to create. This is your oasis for rest. External harmony is essential to find the inner one.


6 — Some shade

When designing your outdoor space, do not forget to think about shaded areas. Taking advantage of vegetation and plants will be very useful for this purpose and will be the ideal setting for a comfortable hammock. In addition to plants, depending on the structure of the terrace, you can consider possible covers that protect you from wind, sun or rain without having to give up a few hours of rest and relaxation. Canopies, verandas and pergolas can provide shade and good shelter, while garden umbrellas can offer practical and less bulky solutions.


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