Malaparte House

Malaparte House

Man has always had a strong connection with the sea. We are made of water and by the water we are attracted too. Water is life and sustenance. Communities and cities have always settled and formed near rivers or on the coast, where ports favored trade and made civilizations flourish. Even today it is like that. The houses by the sea, different in design and style, touched by the summer breeze lend themselves to the most daring architectural inventions. Set in unique locations, they have always put the creativity of famous architects to the test and even if many now live in large inland cities, that irresistible appeal does not cease. Residence or vacation home, living by the sea is not just a choice, but sometimes almost a necessity.


Evolving architecture

But how has architecture and the style associated with seaside residences evolved?
The space today is the true luxury, especially if it can be increased according to the needs. Simple, proportionate and essential. The distinctive features of the projects are found in the vitality of the spaces marked by the scenography of the places where they are built. The design emphasizes the play of continuous volumes, which flows from one inside to the other without clear distinction between inside and outside. Of great importance is the attention paid to vernacular languages, therefore based on local needs and style, the availability of building materials, local traditions and the heritage of the territory. Fundamental elements to redefine an inclusive relationship with the landscape. The architecture of the sea, therefore, becomes an artist capable of expressing the distinctive features of a place and narrating its history.



It is exactly one of these stories that we want to tell you. The story of Villa Malaparte, between myth and cinema.
Villa icon of the Italian rationalist architecture designed by the same Curzio Malaparte, writer, intellectual, journalist and poet who, for many years, lived in this magnificent home perched on the cliffs of Capri.
Seen from above, Villa Malaparte is a red parallelepiped emerging from the rugged rock of the mountain, among the shades of the foliage, further down from the Pizzolungo walk. Below the cliff there is only the bright sea, which changes gradation of blue near the cliff.


Casa Malaparte


Difficult to reach and unfortunately closed to the public for quite some time, Villa Malaparte, “a house like me”, as he himself liked to call it and had baptized it, is angular, just like the writer who always had people talk about him. Minimalist forms and essentiality in both internal and external furnishings, as if to express the profound religious sense of which the writer was encompassed. It is one of the most fascinating and mysterious places in Capri. The charm of this villa struck 

director Jean-Luc Godard who shot the second part of his film Contempt (based on a novel by Moravia)

 entirely within the walls of the villa, with a beautiful Brigitte Bardot wandering through the rooms of the house or sunbathing on the terrace overlooking the sea.

Of course, there is no need to be a famous artist to create a perfect ambiance in your beach house. From Italy to the Balearics, from Hawaii to Miami, to South America. The most beautiful seaside homes in the world can be found anywhere, but what counts to create your own perfect corner of the world is, therefore, to enhance the place, location and view, both with the exterior and interior of the homes furnishings, perhaps without solution of continuity to ensure harmony in every space.

Wherever you are in the world, there will be materials, colors and traditions to draw from and to take into account the décor as well. Think about the whitewashed masonry houses of the Greek islands, the traditional Spanish fincas, the large farm houses in southern Italy. In any case, to create your environment, let the territory, architecture and furnishing intersect and dialogue with each other. You will then have a unique environment, all to be enjoyed.

Outdoor furniture for living by the sea 

Breathtaking views, coastal nature and energizing salty air make you want to spend time outdoors. In a house by the sea, outdoor spaces are definitely the most sought after and lived in, whether large or smaller in stature. What are the outdoor furniture pieces that should never be missing? To find out, imagine your ideal day: sunbathing in the morning on the deck chairs in the cool shade of the umbrellas or of a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea, then having lunch in the shade of a gazebo in the afternoon, enjoying a siesta, maybe reading a book in the hammock immersed in the typical coastal nature. This is an image of peace and beauty that we would all like to experience!

Let yourself be inspired by this gallery with outdoor furniture for the furnishing of your home by the sea. You will find umbrellas, loungers, beach chairs to combine comfort and elegance, without forgetting the exquisite quality of the materials, which must always be selected to ensure functionality and durability, even after years of use and exposure to the external elements typical of the sea coast such as wind, saltiness and best of all the sun.



Unopiù Umbrella in hand crafted wood, opening mechanism with a cord and pulley. It has a base plate and a light, with three light sources to fix under the shade.

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