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Synthesis right chaise-longue module in teak and Waprolace

Starting at  3.339,60 €  4.174,50 €

Right chaise-longue module in teak and Waprolace
(W 160 D 100 H 65 seat H 42)

Synthesis right chaise-longue module (structure)
Special Price €2,758.80 Regular Price €3,448.50
Cushion for seat right chaise-longue module, removable cover in 100% acrylic fabric Diamante colour
Special Price €580.80 Regular Price €726.00
Starting at  3.339,60 €  4.174,50 €
Collection Synthesis
Designer Unopiù

Synthesis right chaise-longue module in teak and Waprolace.

Structure: teak and Synthetic fibre WaProLace® wicker natural.
Cushions: removable covers in 100% acrylic fabric, Diamante colour.

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Material Teak
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Collection Synthesis

Personality and design elegance

With its unmistakable design that combines teak and WaProLace®, Synthesis is an extremely comfortable furniture line. To begin with, we present armchairs, sofas, lounge and coffee tables to create pleasant conversation corners. In the following pages you will find a modular seating system, various types of sofas, a four-poster kit and a relaxing alcove; finally, sun loungers, lounge armchairs and deckchairs to while away the time and sunbathe. 100% acrylic cushions are available in off-white or beige