Salento square umbrella aluminium shaft

Square umbrella aluminium shaft
(285 x 285 H 328 cm)

Dimensions 285 x 285 - H 328

The SALENTO collection offers a series of umbrellas with side support shafts. The most contemporary model unites the efficiency of an umbrella with the latest generation sun shade.

The balance and angle of the umbrella is guaranteed by 6 concrete tiles (50 x 50 cm approx. 20 kg each) which are inserted into the base. These tiles (Ref. BAOMC)
are offered separately from the kit as they are easily found in any building yard or garden centre. The umbrella base can also be used as a stand for pots and planters increasing stability while providing added attraction.

 Salento square umbrella aluminium shaft 285 x 285 H 328.
Side structure: aluminium.
Shade: in 100% solution dyed acrylic in off white.
Version: square.

Designer Unopiù
Collection Salento
Finishes Aluminium
Fabric Acrylic
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