Salento manual umbrella 300 x 250 cm

Manual umbrella (300 x 250 H 243 cm)

Dimensions 300 x 250 - H 243

Perfect synthesis unites the efficiency of an umbrella with the latest generation of sun shade. The shade, when not in use, can be closed in the protective casing with the advantage of keeping the underlying space unencumbered.
The shade can be closed using a remote control or manually rolled up using a winch and a manual adjustment rod.

Salento manual umbrella 300 x 250.
Structure off-centre pole: galvanized aluminium and lamellar iroko wood.
Colour structure: matt bronze or gloss white.
Structure extendable arm: aluminium.
Shade: shade in 100% acrylic fabric in écru for bronze structures and white for white structures.

Hardware stainless steel AISI 304. Inclination adjustment advisable from 5° to 20° .Wind-resistant to 45 k/hr. In the case of stronger winds it is advisable to close the blind. The balance and the angle of the umbrella are guaranteed by 10 cement and gravel blocks (size 50 x 10 x 16.5 cm, weight 18.2 kg each) sold separately, which are inserted into the base plate. The umbrella structure also has holes for fixing with plugs to the ground. The base plate comes with adjustable feet and can be used to hold decorative articles like pot-plants or flowerboxes, which besides giving greater stability provide original esthetic solutions.

Designer Unopiù
Collection Salento
Finishes Stainless steel
Fabric Acrylic
Sale % 40%
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