Amanda Hammock with net in grey melange polypropylene

Hammock complete with net in grey melange polypropylene
cushion and wooden structure ( L 431 W 135 H 140)

Dimensions L 431 W 135 H 140
The Amanda hammock, timeless icon of Unopiù style. On show on the cover of the 2018 catalogue, Amanda is the result of an idea as simple as it is clever: the combination of curved lamellar wooden poles and handwoven cord net. And so this unique and innovative self supporting hammock came into being. It can be placed absolutely anywhere, even in the absence of trees.

Thanks to its special personality it has been a major player in the world of cinema, so much so that it became an icon in the Oscar winning film “The Great Beauty”.

The Amanda hammock, timeless icon of Unopiù design, needs no introduction. Created to comfortably accommodate two people, it is upholstered with a new grey melange coloured cord and is supplemented by a practical new cushion. To create your own personal version or to meet any particular furnishing need, the structure can be painted in colours from the Unopiù Colour.

Structure: treated lamellar wood.

Colour: walnut. Net and cushion: - polypropylene in grey melange and cushion in acrylic mud melange.

Designer Unopiù
Collection Amanda
Colour Dark walnut
Finishes Nordic pine
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