Fioriera Urbn Balcony in alluminio bianco

da Meneghello Paolelli Associati

Fioriera in alluminio (L 29/45/61 P 25 H 44)

Dimensioni L 29/45/61 P 25 H 44

The Urbn Balcony design is young and fresh, interpreting urban living with new quality vision.

It is a modular system whose versatility and modularity allow various modular creations, even on small city terraces, providing refined outdoor areas
to be enjoyed all year round.

An extra room in the open that can be organized as you wish, thanks to its modular structure in fine highly durable iroko wood.

It can be fixed to either the wall or ceiling and comes with a wide selection of white aluminium accessories.

Design Meneghello Paolelli associati

Fioriera Urbn Balcony in alluminio (L 29/45/61 P 25 H 44).

Designer Meneghello Paolelli Associati
Fast Delivery
Summer Mania No
Collezione Urbn Balcony
Colore Bianco
Finitura Alluminio
Sale % 60%

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