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Waterproof cover for Solaire octagonal pavilion

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 Waterproof cover for octagonal pavilion (39% polyester coated with 61% PVC)

Collection Solaire
Designer Unopiù

Octagonal or round pavilion SOLAIRE, complete with steel wires to support climbing plants. The structure is in galvanized iron with powder coated finish in graphite and can be completed with iron grilles from the Roof Garden range.

Solaire waterproof cover for octagonal pavilion (39% polyester coated with 61% PVC).

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Collections Solaire
Material Metal
Colour White
Sale % 30%

Collection Solaire

Versatile pergola, interlacing elements

Attached and freestanding pergola, both flat roofed and curved versions available. Extendable in width using 186 cm extension module. The Solaire pergola has various types of roofing: fixed shade, roll shade and bamboo shade. In winter remove roofing to avoid snow overloads.
Various models and sizes are available and can be embellished with Caprice side panels and flowerboxes and with Roof Garden grilles and flowerboxes. The Solaire pergola offers great versatility for made to measure areas to suit any furnishing desire or requirement. Octagonal or round Solaire pavilions come complete...