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What does it take to complete your vision of your dream garden and to reflect your unique sense of style? A wide range of garden accessories! Unopiù offers just that: a large selection of high quality garden accessories “made in Italy” that are superbly designed and are the ideal accent pieces for your outdoor area. Our garden accessories allow you to continue your idea of aesthetics and stylishness in your garden furniture and complete it with luxurious details. The result is an outdoor living area with a coordinated design – from large pieces such as pavilions to small finishing touches such as flower pots, blankets, or rugs. Unopiù offers a large collection of garden accessories online in all sorts of styles ranging from classic to modern and lounge style. Create your own individual garden retreat with hammocks, outdoor rugs, umbrellas, garden shelves and more. One perfect example from our premium collection is a garden shower that is not only functional but creates an aesthetic look all on its own. All our garden accessories are of course made from only the best materials, designed and manufactured in Italy. We are proud of our traditional craftsmanship and the combination of luxurious and long-lasting materials such as metal, wood, and glass. Our garden accessories live up to the highest standards of sturdiness and durability while still having an aesthetically pleasing design. The possibilities for creating your own perfect garden oasis are endless: All our garden accessories fit in with our garden furniture and can be easily expanded. Pavilions or pergolas, for example, can be individually fitted with trellises and flower pots to create a shielded enclosure. A selection of vases, sinks, lamps, flower pots, rugs and cushions allows you to set the same tone of style in your garden that you have indoors. Our garden accessories let you realize your stylish master plan of aesthetics and luxury in your own backyard.

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