Garden Backrest module Davos

by Matteo Nunziati

Garden Backrest module Davos

Dimensions W 90 D 94 H 69 seat H 42

The backrest module of the modular sofa from the Davos collection, designed by Matteo Nunziati, offers a perfect fusion of design and comfort. Part of a system of infinitely modular seating elements, the Davos sofa stands out for its seamless versatility between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Measuring 90 x 94 with a height of 69 centimeters, this backrest module elegantly fits into any space. Its 42-centimeter height from seat to floor ensures optimal comfort for long relaxation sessions.

Crafted with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, the Davos shoulder module guarantees unparalleled comfort, thanks to its padding and fabrics that replicate the softness of indoor furnishings. Perfect for creating personalized and welcoming configurations, this element adds style and functionality to any environment. Whether it's a domestic living room or an outdoor space, the Davos shoulder module stands out for its timeless beauty and impeccable practicality. It combines contemporary design and uncompromising comfort, elevating the seating experience to new levels of luxury and sophistication.

Designer Matteo Nunziati
Collection Davos
Colour Graphite
Finishes Aluminium
Fabric Fabric upholstery
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