Fixed waterproof shades for Solaire curved attached pergola

Fixed waterproof shades for Solaire attached pergola
(39% polyester coated with 61% PVC) complete with fixing components

Dimensions 39% polyester coated with 61% PVC

Attached and freestanding pergola, both flat roofed and curved versions available.
Extendable in width using 186 cm extension module.

The Solaire pergola has various types of roofing: fixed shade, roll shade and bamboo shade.
In winter remove roofing to avoid snow overloads.


Kit for waterproof shade white (39% polyester coated with 61% PVC), complete with fixing components.
For Solaire attached pergola and attached pergola extension.

Designer Unopiù
Collection Solaire
Colour White
Finishes Polyester 39% Pvc 61%
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