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Garden Loungers and Deck Chairs

The sun shines in an azure sky, the sea sparkles to the horizon, the sand is warm and soft underfoot. What could complete this idyllic picture? Relaxing on a deckchair, obviously. But the beach backdrop is superfluous to enjoy this small luxury: in fact Unopiù offers a wide selection of outdoor deckchairs and sunloungers that can also enhance a garden.

With a wide range of materials and the usual quality, Unopiù offers solutions suited to any environment and any style.

For maximum comfort, all Unopiù garden sunloungers and deckchairs can be finished with a set of waterproof cushions in various shades, available in different...

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  1. Agorà
    Agorà Sunlounger structure
  2. Cest la vie
    C'est la vie Loungebed in mahogany
  3. Cest la vie
    C'est la Vie Double Sunlounger in mahogany
  4. Cest la vie
    C'est la Vie Single Sunlounger in mahogany
  5. Chelsea
    Chelsea sunlounger in teak
  6. Experience
    Experience stackable sunlounger in WaProLace
  7. Milton
    Milton folding deckchair in teak
  8. Milton
    Milton folding deckchair with canvas
  9. Panarea
    Panarea stackable sunlounger in aluminium
  10. Panarea
    Panarea sunlounger canopy
  11. Pevero
    Pevero Sunlounger
  12. Swing
    Swing stacking chaise longue in teak
    Out of stock
  13. Swing
    Swing chaise-longue support in stainless steel
  14. Synthesis
    Synthesis stackable sunlounger
    Out of stock
  15. Synthesis
    Synthesis low sunlounger in teak and WaProLace
    Out of stock
  16. Synthesis
    Synthesis stackable lounge armchair in teak and WaProLace
  17. Tline
    Tline sunlounger

17 Items

per page
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