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Outdoor Complements

A garden or a terrace is the palette to paint a living area of charm and if outdoor furniture stars in this scene, garden accessories become the final brushstroke to the masterpiece.

Unopiù offers a vast selection of accessories to enhance outdoor areas, making outdoor furnishings even more comfortable and special. So not simply furnishing accessories, but veritable style elements that combine design, elegance and practicality.


Order and style with outdoor and garden accessories

Unopiù containers and outdoor cupboards can be gracefully included within the most renowned collections of outdoor furnishings. For example...

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  1. Milton
    Milton chest in teak with two doors and one adjustable shelf
  2. Milton
    Milton chest in teak with hardware and handles in brass
    Out of stock
  3. Solar Shower
    Solar Shower in black resin
  4. Solar Shower
    Hot ball (solar collector)
  5. Solar Shower
    Shower tray in okumè wood
  6. Hotty
    Hotty heat lamp in aluminium
  7. Hotty
    Hotty standing lamp in aluminium
  8. Hotty
    Remote control for Hotty heat lamp
  9. Cest la vie
    C'est la Vie tray for coffee table in mahogany
  10. Lipari
    Lipari pair of beach rackets

10 Items

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