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Garden umbrellas sails and awnings

The sun kisses the beautiful…. but when the temperature rises even the most passionate followers of the sun’s rays seek cool shade. Whether it be a dip in the pool or to fully enjoy the pleasure of lunch in the open, the perfect solution does exist: Unopiù outdoor umbrellas are a must for those who seek comfort without renouncing elegance. From more modern models to those with a retro and sophisticated taste, parasole umbrellas become major players in any garden or terrace, like flowers that bloom in the summer sun. The lines available in the Catalogue offer a wide choice to satisfy any taste, always in the name of...

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  1. Salento
    Salento manual umbrella 118.11 x 98.43 inch
    Starting at $8,205.00
  2. Salento
    Salento motorized umbrella 118.11 x 98.43 inch
    Starting at $9,230.00
  3. Salento
    Salento square umbrella aluminium shaft
    Starting at $5,430.00
  4. Lipari
    Lipari square umbrella 118.11 x 118.11 inch
    Starting at $2,490.00
  5. Lipari
    Lipari square garden umbrella 157.48 x 157.48 inch
    Starting at $3,205.00
  6. Lipari
    Lipari round umbrella 116.14 inch
    Starting at $2,835.00
  7. Lipari
    Lipari round umbrella 137.80 inch
    Starting at $2,490.00
  8. Lipari
    Lipari rectangular umbrella 118.11 x 157.48 inch
    Starting at $2,790.00
  9. Lipari
    Lipari rectangular umbrella 98.43 x 137.80 inch
    Starting at $2,455.00
  10. Lipari
    Lipari rectangular umbrella 118.11 x 78.74 inch
    Starting at $935.00
  11. Lipari
    Lipari round umbrella Ø 110.24 inch
    Starting at $840.00
  12. Lipari
    Base plate for Lipari umbrellas
    Starting at $865.00

25 Items

per page