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Many exceptional products are waiting for you. Do not miss the opportunity to experience a summer with Unopiù by purchasing items readily available and in stock to furnish your garden or terrace. Visit our stores, or our Website, to find out which products are available that will transform the outdoor space of your home into a comfortable and sophisticated environment where to spend relaxing moments on your own or enjoy memorable moments with company, always surrounded by style and quality furnished by Unopiù.

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  1. Tibisco
    Tibisco attached pergola without roofing
  2. Tibisco
    Tibisco attached pergola with polycarbonate roofing
  3. Tibisco
    Tibisco attached extension without roofing
  4. Tibisco
    Tibisco attached extension with polycarbonate roofing
  5. Tibisco
    Tibisco attached double extension with polycarbonate roofing
  6. Tibisco
    Tibisco attached double extension without roofing
  7. Tibisco
    Tibisco freestanding extension without roofing
  8. Tibisco
    Tibisco freestanding pergola without roofing
  9. Tibisco
    Tibisco freestanding double extension without roofing
  10. Tibisco
    Tibisco set of 2 spandrels
  11. Tibisco
    Waterproof cover for Tibisco Pavilion
  12. Tibisco
    Tibisco pavilion 159.06 x 159.06 inch complete with 4 posts

12 Items

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