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Orangerie freestanding greenhouse

Freestanding greenhouse with 1 window and 1 door


For more information contact us : unopiu@dzineelements.com

Collection Orangerie
Designer Unopiù

Freestanding greenhouse, available in various sizes. The structure has doors and windows and can be enhanced with additional window panels and étagère.

Structure: powder coated galvanized iron.
Colour: graphite. Roofing: polycarbonate.

Orangerie freestanding greenhouse.

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Fast Delivery Yes
Collections Orangerie
Material Metal
Colour Graphite

Collection Orangerie

Classically inspired greenhouse

Attached and freestanding greenhouse, available in various sizes.
The greenhouse is available with or without polycarbonate side panelling and includes a door and a window.

The structure can be enhanced with additional door and window panels.

  • Orangerie Orangerie freestanding greenhouse with polycarbonate roofing
  • Orangerie Orangerie attached greenhouse (left)
  • Orangerie Orangerie freestanding greenhouse
  • Orangerie Orangerie attached greenhouse (right)