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Based on the European law on data security (Art.13, European Regulation 2016/679) the User takes note that S.p.A. single-member private limited liability company is committed to process the personal data of the User according to the principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency and to protect confidentiality. Therefore, the User is informed that:
A. CATEGORY OF DATA: data processed may be your personal data such as identification data, personal data, contact data as well as information relating to your interests and navigational experience on the site.
B. DATA CONTROLLER: The data controller is Unopiù S.p.A. single-member private limited liability company with legal headquarters in Via Pontaccio, 9 – 20121 Milano (MI) and operational headquarters in SS Ortana Km. 14,500 – 01038 Soriano nel Cimino (VT), VAT number 05516670964 contactable by telephone at 0761.7581 or email address privacy@unopiu.it.
C. SOURCE OF PERSONAL DATA: the personal data in the possession of the Controller were sourced directly from the interested person.
D. PURPOSE AND LEGAL BASIS OF DATA PROCESSING the processing of your data, collected and archived in relation to compiling the present form, whose legal basis is your consent and is carried out for the following purposes: to download the catalogue, to subscribe to the newsletter and to activate a profile based on fully automatic decisional processes in order to make personalized offers that take into account your interests, behaviour and characteristics.
E. DATA RECIPIENTS: within the limits relevant to the purpose of this processing, your data can be communicated to partners, consultancy companies, private companies, authorities named by the Data Controller. Your data will in no way be disseminated.
F. DATA TRANSFER TO THIRD COUNTRIES: the transfer of your data to third countries is not foreseen.
G. CONSERVATION PERIOD: the collected data will be conserved for a period of time no longer than that necessary to fullfil its purpose (“limitation principles of conservation”, art.5 GDPR) or based on expiry established by law. Obsolescence checks of processed data for the fullfilment of the required purposes are carried out periodically.
H. THE RIGHTS OF THE INDIVIDUAL: the individual always has the right to ask the Controller for access to his personal data, the rectification or cancellation of same, processing limitations or the option to oppose processing, to request the portability of data, to revoke agreement to processing in claiming these and other rights foreseen by GDPR through simple communication to the Controller. The individual can also present a complaint to a control authority.
I. OBLIGATION OR NOT OF CONCESSION: we wish to inform you that the concession of data for some fields is optional and for others (marked with an asterisk) is obligatory and a lack of concession implies unfulfilled requested services.
J. NATURE OF DATA PROCESSING: Personal data supplied by you, will become the object of processing operations in accordance with the above-mentioned legislation and the confidentiality obligations of the Controller. The data will be processed with both computer tools and on paper or any other suitable means in accordance with the security measures foreseen by the GDPR.
K. AUTOMATED DECISIONAL PROCESSES: automated decisional processes are foreseen.

I explicitly consent to the processing of my data for the purpose of direct Marketing

I explicitly consent to the processing of my data for Profiling purposes based on fully automated decisional processes.