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<p>Just like wood, stone is a natural material that has been used by humans for thousands of years. Unopi&ugrave;&rsquo;s <b>stone tables outdoor</b> are made from an extremely durable and timeless material. Our stone tables outdoor are the perfect mix of premium quality and perfect traditional Italian craftsmanship. They are manufactured with precision and skill. Their naturalness and the special flair of the massive and heavy material turn our stone garden tables into luxurious and highly refined design objects. Their special magic also makes them popular meeting points for friends and family. Their precious attributes such as the natural material and the unique design guarantee that stone tables are extremely long-lasting an durable pieces of furniture that at the same time appear luxurious and elegant. The massive stone tables evoke images of antique Roman gardens and the atmosphere of days gone by. They are the perfect setting for a glass of Italian red wine in the sunset. The design made in Italy is also reflected in the structure made from galvanized iron with powder coated finish. The table tops are made from Travertine or Peperino. Travertine (originally meaning &ldquo;stone from Tivoli&rdquo;) is a limestone that has always been used for the construction of city walls or churches, for example. Peperino is volcanic tuff stone that has been used for construction since antique times. It is until this day cut almost exclusively in the Alban Hills near Rome. Terracotta mosaics with renaissance patterns and hand-decorated majolicas turn the stone tables into unique design objects. Our stone garden tables come with a green waterproof protective cover. Terracotta is sensitive to a mix of water and frost, and the cover shields it from moisture. These monolithic stone tables are a truly remarkable eyecatcher on the patio or in the garden. And they will quickly and for a very long time turn into a popular place for friends and family to meet and enjoy many wonderful hours outside together &ndash; the art of living in open spaces.</p>