Tables round

Whether inside our outdoors – guests, friends and family alike love to gather around a table to enjoy their time together and to eat and drink. And what would be better for gathering around than a round garden table? In the garden, in the conservatory, on the balcony, on the patio: Round garden tables blend into their surroundings harmoniously and are also practical. They take up less space than square tables and they are very communicative because everybody sits directly across from everybody else. Nobody has to be the head of the table because there is none. Round garden tables also give you the option of quickly adding more guests and chairs when unexpected visitors arrive. Food and drinks can be placed in the middle of the table and within reach for everybody. You can buy our round garden tables online or in our local stores. Some of our round outdoor tables have a hole in the middle where you can fit an Unopiù umbrella to protect both your guests and the food. We offer several sizes and materials – a round garden table made from teak blends into every garden landscape harmoniously due to its natural material. The luxurious material will take on its typical silver-grey patina with time. If you want to refresh the original, slightly orange hue of the teak wood, simply use a bit of teak oil. Or you could paint your garden table with one of our Unopiù colours. We only use the best teak quality, “Grade A”, which is gained from fully grown teak trees and is particularly dense and beautifully coloured. Round garden tables using different materials such as glass, stone, or galvanized iron lend the tables very specific and individual looks, from classic or antique to baroque, modern or lounge. All of our round garden tables are made in Italy and join elegant Italian design with premium materials and perfect craftsmanship for a long durability in open spaces.

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