Outdoor console tables are the perfect addition to garden couches, benches or sun loungers. The give your own garden or pool area an exclusive lounge atmosphere. Outdoor console tables are the ideal companion for your morning coffee, a glass of wine in the evening, candles, books and magazines, or a laptop on the balcony. Unopiù offers a large variety of console tables in different sizes, shapes, and materials. The large selection ensures that you can find the matching table for your personal furniture style and garden layout. An outdoor console table in metal has a classic and romantic touch to it that can be a wonderful addition to your balcony, patio or conservatory. Garden console tables made from teak or from a combination of teak and WaProLace and glass are not only crafted with skill and precision but also uniquely designed and meant to be long-lasting and weatherproof. Console tables with wheels are particularly practical helpers that follow you around and can easily be placed wherever you want and need them. For large gardens, conservatories or pool areas, we offer a set of several small console tables in a teakwood box. The premium quality teak needs no maintenance since its natural oils protect it from bugs and water. The natural teak colour changes into the silver-grey patina over time but can be refreshed with teak oil. Folding console tables are perfect for smaller spaces such as small balconies or for quick removal when not needed. We have console tables with wheels and a table top made from teak that can be used on balconies as well. Small spaces don’t have to mean you cannot have practical and convenient furniture in visually exciting and high-quality design. Keep your favourite book and your glasses ready on the balcony, create a romantic dining atmosphere with candles, or transform your pool area into a vacation resort with chilled cocktails!

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