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Coffee table Capri square in cord

Coffee table Capri square
(48 x 48 H 36)
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The new version has polyolefin cord that envelopes the armchair and is soft to the touch, without compromising the attributes of synthetic materials. For those who prefer an enchanting vintage look, there is the traditional upholstery in synthetic fibre. Capri seat cushions are available in 30 different choices of colour and finish from the Colour Collection. Structure: aluminium. Covering: handwoven polyolefin cord with a speckled appearance Colour: blue, sky blue, yellow, burgundy, red, green, dark grey. Cushions: with removable covers in 100% Tempotest acrylic fabric, off white.

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50% Capri Fibre


Colorful Capri small armchairs are comfortable, practical and versatile and are expertly hand crafted by decorator craftsmen to give them a refined and elegant vintage look.

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Coffee table Capri square 48 x 48
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Coffee table Capri square in cord