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Impregnated wooden PLANTERS and galvanized iron PLANTERS are indispensable elements to complete and enhance all the structures proposed by Unopiu’.
Pergolas, gazebos and pavilions and planters can be enhanced with their use, creating environments to live all year round.

The planters here presented together with the grille panels and accessories are created to enclose and decorate outdoor areas in infinite combinations. Wooden planters are in treated NORDIC PINE and can be painted in dark walnut, teak or colors from the Unopiù color line. Available in rectangular or square patterns, they are the natural complement to the CLASSIQUE wooden pergolas made by Unopiù. All planters in wood can hold medium-sized pots or, if provided with liquid to waterproof the interor, act directly as vases hosting soil and plants.
Planters in galvanized iron, made following ancient craft techniques, are available in different shapes and types and are designed to complete the iron structures proposed in the catalogue. In addition, they can screen or contain any type of vase.

Planters in iron are available attached, providing additional support to the screen or pergola they are combined to, or freestanding as autonomous units, perfect for furnishing even small outdoor environments such as balconies or small terraces.