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The pleasure of growing and picking flowers and fruit in all seasons together with a style that immediately brings to mind a cottage immersed in the English countryside: garden greenhouses become major players with the elegance of a solid structure making them unique and of great impact. The decided lines of the wooden structure and the shine of the glass will make afternoons spent in the garden unforgettable and, with the coming of winter, allow you to breathe the warmth of Spring in flower once again.

Unopiù’s exclusive solutions cover a wide variety of models, materials and designs, granting a touch of indispensable class to gardens and terraces. All greenhouses can be personalized and designed with the support of Unopiù expert professionals.


Lemon perfume in the snow: garden lemoniaia and orangerie

Elegant Unopiù greenhouses are perfect for the role of exclusive limonaias and orangeries, creating an enclosed area in which to store citrus plants during winter and a place to grow flowers and plants with the certainty of maximum functionality.  


Garden and outdoor greenhouses: different structures, the same practicality

To satisfy all the requirements of space and design, Unopiù garden greenhouses are available in both the freestanding structure version, suited to more spacious gardens in need of an iconic detail, as attached ones, also known as wall greenhouses, perfect to enhance even a small courtyard.

The classic timeless design calls for a frame in powder coated galvanized iron and a cover in graphite coloured polycarbonate, but for more rustic environments one can opt for garden greenhouses in wood.

The possibility of making your greenhouse special does not stop here: side pannelling and glass panels are available on request; even the dimensions and the positioning of doors and windows are entirely personal in order to create a truly unique environment.

To take full advantage of the space available, modern Unopiù greenhouses boast practical compass opening doors: in this way the greenhouse in glass or metal, adapts to every type of garden and green finger requirement, giving correct aeration to the area.

And why non complete this timeless atmosphere, that so characterizes garden limonaias and orangeries, with small tables and chairs from the Aurora line
These are the perfect accessories to enhance the romanticism of the context with their compatible forged iron decorations.


Garden greenhouses: at your service, always

Choosing a garden greenhouses is an experience that requires maximum attention. For this reason Unopiù is ready to listen to its clients, accompanying them in designing the ideal structure and in preparing a quote.

Unopiù greenhouses can easily be purchased from home, or from one of the numerous sales points present in all Italy, where you can admire modern elegant greenhouse models so as to find inspiration and appreciate the superior quality of these handcrafted products.

The rich Unopiù catalogue can be downloaded free from the site: a chance to discover all the available models and be won over by the solutions that best meet your design requirements. All this in the name of the elegance and quality of a 100% Made in Italy product created with the best materials on the market.