Hose-holder trolley

Every garden owner is familiar with this problem: The lawn needs lots of maintenance and especially water. Even with the water consumption fluctuating depending on weather and soil conditions, the lawn should be watered regularly and the soil imbrued about ten centimeters deep. Large gardens especially then pose the question of how to get the water to where it is needed. The answer is a hose cart. This practical helper assists you in a convenient and effortless lawn maintenance: The hose cart keeps the garden hose safe and protects it from bending. Hose reel carts bring the garden hose and the water to wherever they are needed quickly and conveniently. Unopiù’s designer hose reels are durable and sturdy garden tools made from galvanized iron with powder coated finish in graphite. The cart wheels are made from aluminium while the trimmings are teakwood. For easy use, the hose cart is complete with quick connect brass hose fittings. When coiled up on the hose cart, the garden hose is safe from bending or knotting which significantly enhances its life span. The big and sturdy teakwood fittings allow for easy and quick uncoiling of the hose. With all that emphasis on practicality, Unopiù still also focuses on the design. The materials used are all premium quality and elegant. Design and manufacturing are 100 % made in Italy, and the craftsmanship is one of a kind. The hose cart is very stable and well balanced and absolutely weatherproof. It is not only a practical tool for convenient hose transport in large gardens and for careful preservation of the garden hose, it is also an object of beauty that does not need to hide in the garden shed. It will quickly become a valued companion for your routine gardening activities. Its sleek Italian design makes it blend into its garden surroundings harmoniously, waiting for its next mission. Brown patches on your lawn are a thing of the past!

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