Water is the element of life and exerts a magical pull. It has fascinated us since the beginning of time. And it is of course needed to maintain a beautiful and lush garden. A water pump in your own garden is appealing for the senses and creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Garden water pumps create a unique mood without taking up a lot of space. Thanks to Unopiù’s high requirements regarding design and material, our garden water pumps are a sophisticated and stylish decorative object. Our outdoor water pumps feature premium materials such as iroko wood and come complete with a tap and a galvanized plate for attaching them to the ground. A modern Unopiù garden tap is a piece of art for your garden and enhances the entire outdoor area! The garden tap creates a lively eyecatcher in the garden and is a practical water source and welcome cooling-down spot when the temperatures climb too high. While garden taps and garden fountains used to be reserved for nobility in days gone by, now everybody can integrate the element of water in their garden and be enchanted. Another possibility of having water play an important role in your garden, giving it a relaxing and calming atmosphere, is by using a garden fountain. This fountain exudes an air of Italian romanticism. The sound of running water creates a unique balance of relaxation and stimulation. The garden fountain consists of grey peperino. This special volcanic tuff stone has been used as construction material since ancient times and is until this day almost exclusively cut in the Alban Hills near Rome. The design of the sink is classic Italian. Our garden fountains make for a fascinating highlight reminiscent of antique fountains in Rome. The fountain sets a light and relaxing tone and puts you in a holiday mood. If desired, Unopiù helps with the fitting and assembly.

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