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Soaking up the sun is one of the most gratifying things to do after the cold months. It becomes pure pleasure to just stretch out on the deck or by the pool to relax and have fun. But when it gets too hot, the usual thing to do is to go back inside. There is no need to retreat from your outdoor haven when there is a parasol to provide suitable protection. To avoid the problem of getting scorched, garden parasols should be added to the basic garden furniture necessities. Unopiù is proud to offer one of the most stylish garden umbrellas available in the market. Beautifully designed, it is highly functional against the sun and the rain. Making use of highly-durable materials, Unopiù’s umbrellas are guaranteed to resist wear and tear caused by various weather conditions. These square cantilevered umbrellas can provide substantial shade to comfortably accommodate several people. A garden parasol by Unopiù comes with a structure that is made of strong iron and solid wood, applied with a high-quality finish to protect it from untimely ruin. In addition, these garden parasols are waterproof to ensure that rain does not leak through. The fabric is also made of durable fibers that will prevent fading. As such, the parasol will remain a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. Aside from the garden, Unopiù also guarantees it ideal to use as a balcony umbrella. It can easily fit on balconies that have limited space and still adds charm to the home’s outdoor appeal aside from the efficient protection from the sun’s UV rays. Outdoor meals or lazy afternoon relaxation outdoors will be as pleasurable as can be. Unopiù’s luxury garden parasols are relatively low-maintenance outdoor accessories that only requires the occasional cleaning. Given enough care, these parasols are guaranteed to last for quite some time and will maintain their stylish beauty. Whether they are used in the garden or as balcony umbrellas, Unopiù guarantees that these outdoor products will perform without doubt.