Horizontal shade

When you want to enjoy life outdoors, you will need sun protection sooner or later. No matter how much we enjoy the sunshine, a leafy bower on the patio or in the garden is important in order to prolong the time spent outside. Awnings are the ideal solution to get some shade on your patio. Unfortunately, most awnings are not exactly pretty. But this is not the case at Unopiù: Our patio awnings live up to the highest standards regarding design, quality, and manufacturing. Our waterproof awnings are horizontal shades which can be mounted on a wall or ceiling. The retractable patio awnings are available with a motorized or a manual winding mechanism. The winding mechanism comes with a winch and an adjustment rod. Our retractable awnings are completed with an independent vertical front blind that shields you from the sun even when it is very low in the sky. The vertical front blind can also be adjusted with an adjustment rod and a winch. Our awnings are made in Italy and manufactured with top-quality materials only. The structure of the frame and the extendable arm is powder coated aluminium available in gloss ivory or graphite to perfectly match the existing wall or ceiling colors. The awning fabric is 100 % Tempotest acrylic, making it not only very weather resistant and giving it excellent dimensional stability but also rendering it resistant to exposure to UVA and UVB rays. It is water and oil repellant and anti-mould. The awning reduces light and heat not only on the patio but also in the inside of the house, making it energy saving since it reduces the need for air conditioning significantly. Maintenance of our awnings is easy: Dirt can be brushed off or washed down with water (no warmer than 40°C) and a mild detergent periodically. The awning should then be dried in the open air before being closed again.

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