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Leather covers red

Leather covers red.

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Piazzetta - Portofino

Piazzetta - Portofino

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A timeless icon of Unopiù style is the Ginger director’s chair. It is presented this year with a new look: the frame in top quality teak is covered in leather in five different shades, especially for indoors. The leather used has been hand treated following an age old Tuscan tradition: “vegetable tanning”, the only way to transform raw hides into leather through a process based on the use of tree tannins, while fully respecting the environment and giving the leather precious unique and natural characteristics. The natural ability of leather to age and change over time makes the Ginger armchair an exclusive and unrepeatable item, an excellence of Made in Italy. It is especially soft and silky to the touch, thanks to the characteristic “bottalato” technique. The unique nature of each armchair is guaranteed by the prized hand sewing done by gifted craftsmen with a design finish detail that enhances the product. Thus it is an exclusive and versatile product for everyday use, created to be the protagonist of any environment interpreting your personal idea of relaxation.

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Ginger Teak Red


The aged teak structure gives the Ginger director’s chair a pleasing vintage look. Folding, it is also available in leather in five elegant shades suitable for...

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