Tables extendable

<p>Dining outside is one of the unique pleasures of the art of living in open spaces. Dining tables are a central meeting place for family, guests and friends. This is true not only of the indoor area but just as much for the outdoors. Coming together and having something to eat and drink outside is part of enjoying life. <b>Extendable garden tables</b> help making this easier. Unopi&ugrave; offers different variants of extendable garden tables that are practical and always ready to make more space for guests when needed. Its attractive looks, its interesting form and its warm and natural material invite you to come together and sit down. Our garden tables are extending to accommodate all your guests. Their clever design means that not only are they easily and quickly extended &ndash; many models have a hole in the middle for fitting Unopi&ugrave;&rsquo;s umbrellas and can be extended without even removing the umbrella. The extending garden table adapts to all needs and demands. It offers enough space for your family to enjoy a Sunday breakfast or afternoon coffee but it is also easily and quickly extended to accommodate unexpected guests or to host the buffet for a big garden party. The extending tables are made in Italy &ndash; their uniquely luxurious design and high-quality materials combined with the skill and craftsmanship of our manufacturers make them an elegant and sophisticated centerpiece in your garden or on your patio. The tables are manufactured using only Grade A teak gained from the mature heartwood of a fully grown teak tree. That means that the wood is very dense and free of knots or discoloration. Its natural oils protect the wood from water or bugs. The typical silver-grey teak patina that evolves with time adds even more protection but the original slightly orange teak colour can be refreshed with teak oil. Or simply paint your table with your favourite Unopi&ugrave; Colour!</p>