Luxury Design Garden Chairs - Wooden, Metal, Stackable & Folding Models

For whatever kind of ambience, Unopiù has always the right type of furniture to complement an outdoor area. As such, extending a home’s living space to the outdoors with the creativity and uniqueness of Unopiù’s luxury garden furniture to make relaxing and entertaining al fresco a breeze. With a wide collection of Italian handmade quality outdoor furniture items that include sunbeds, tables and garden chairs, there is always a perfect solution for every lifestyle. Wooden garden chairs made from carefully selected high quality material such as solid teak are then sculpted into beautiful structures with focus on elegance and functionality. Chairs made from this material are guaranteed to last long and are very durable against the effects of the weather. With low-maintenance properties, these wooden chairs can be used in any part of an outdoor space such as the poolside or in the garden. Unopiù also specializes in designing and manufacturing metal garden chairs that come in various designs and styles. Made of a strong and durable material, metal gives a modern and luxurious look to any outdoor living environment. Some metal chairs are also combined with wood to create a more stylish appeal. One of the more popular outdoor furniture that Unopiù proudly provides are the rattan garden chairs which are carefully designed and intricately woven resulting in outdoor furniture items that are very beautiful and comfortable. Chairs made from this material are one of the most reliable, comfortable and flexible outdoor structures which can be left all-year-around outside of the home. They also provide a low maintenance solution for a luxurious sunroom, patio, garden or porch. Stunning wooden garden seats provide an ideal solution for outdoor living areas. Finely designed to add more character to any outdoor area, these items are great for sitting and relaxing. The surfaces are dressed to a smooth finish highlighting the beauty of the natural colors and grains. They are guaranteed to be around for many years to come. Unopiù’s luxury garden chairs are not only beautiful and stylish; they are perfect for creating an extension of the home’s living space. Naturally, all outdoor wooden chairs created by Unopiù are guaranteed to be of the highest quality in terms of material and construction.